What does it mean to be housed in temporary accommodation? How do you end up there? And once you’re there, how ‘temporary’ is it really?


We’re in the midst of a housing crisis. We know there’s not enough social or affordable housing to go round. We know there’s a rise in evictions, of communities being displaced. But what is the human cost?


In June of 2017 published figures recorded over 77,000 households in temporary accommodation with over 120,000 children spending their Christmas in temporary accommodation.


TEMPORARY explores the social and political reasons for the surge in households in temporary accommodation, why women (single mothers especially) are particularly at risk of ‘social cleansing’ in London and the emotional effects for women and children in temporary accommodation. 


TEMPORARY ran at Nottingham Playhouse as part of The Party Somewhere Else feminist theatre festival in March 2018, returning to Camden People’s Theatre for the Common People festival of working class theatre in April 2018.

Cast and Crew:

Writer: Libby Liburd

Dramaturg and Director: Julie Addy

Mother: Libby Liburd

Landlord, Housing Officer, Estate Agent, Housing Crisis Chicken: Susie Riddell

Projections: Neo Liburd

Stage Manager and Technical Operator: Rosanna Mallinson

Voiceovers: Esther Stanford, Zolfa Zahedi, Rosa-Marie Lewis

Lighting Design: Sherry Coenen

Photographer: Yasmin Merrin & David Monteith-Hodge

TEMPORARY supports The Magpie Project a vital, grassroots campaign for mums and children in temporary accommodation in Newham www.themagpieproject.org

Further Credits:

Opening video from: Dispossession - The Great Social Housing Swindle. Thanks to director Paul Sng and Velvet Joy Productions for giving us permission to use a snippet of this vital documentary.

BBC Newsnight at Boundary House: What happens when there’s a shortage of social housing?, The Guardian, Lisa Mckenzie